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Hi! So this is just going to be a fic dump journal. Fics rated R and above will be friends-locked. Leave a comment if you'd like to be added. ヽ(≧ω≦*)ノ

Also, everything here is on my ao3 too, plus I've basically moved there so if you'd like to head over—


  • Chocolate Milk | ~2,400w pg | Myungsoo always wants to protect Sunggyu. It's time he realized just exactly why. Fluff.

  • Ways to Help A Sex Addict | ~2,900w r | It all begins when Myungsoo is forced to attend a Sexaholics Anonymous meeting.

  • How I Overcame Aerophobia: A Tried and Tested Method by Kim Sungkyu | 5,585w r | There are probably about a million ways people can try to get over their fear of flying. But first and foremost, you need to be seated next to a beautiful man.

  • Someone Just Like You [1] [2] | 10,039w pg | Sometimes the only one you want is way out of your reach. Myungsoo is a poor student and Kim Sunggyu is the leader of a popular rock band. Myungsoo supposes it doesn’t get any further than that.

  • Prince Sunggyu ★ Protector of L♡VE! [1] [2] | ~11,900w pg | ☆Magical Boys AU☆ There is darkness rising in the world, and the Children of the Sun—Sunggyu, Hoya, and Dongwoo—have been called upon to save it.

  • Fall | 4,605w pg | Sunggyu meets a beautiful florist who changes his life, but things were always meant to turn out this way, anyway.

  • If You Want Blood | ~8,700w pg | The new transfer student is ridiculously attractive, but he’s also mysterious and elusive and Myungsoo is unconditionally and irrevocably in love— okay, no, he isn’t. But he’s definitely smitten. It’s just that Myungsoo has yet to find out the secrets he is keeping.

  • Star Light | 1,342w pg | In which Byeol lights up Myungsoo's winter with a warm gift.

  • Fine Specimen | 3,848w r | Prompt: Sometimes, Myungsoo wishes for simple things: someone to come home to, or raising a potted plant in his bedroom and not have it die within three weeks. Other times, he just wants to put on cute lingerie and get wrecked by a man who knows how to treat him right.


  • Red | 4,090w r | In which Sunggyu writes a fanfic. (Sunggyu/Junhee)

  • If You Become My Wings | 3,243w pg | Hoya doesn’t ever stop, so Sunggyu becomes his break.

  • Even After All | 5,282w r | Living with Kim Sunggyu is a chore. Literally. Howon may or may not regret his life and his choices. Aka Five Times Howon Pretended Not To Be Related To Sunggyu and One Time He Finally Acknowledged Him.


  • Outnumbered | ~1,500w r | Sunggyu's favourite 91-liners team up against him.

  • Then I Can Fall [1] [2] | 10,528w r | Hoya once dreamed of a beautiful future with Sunggyu, but when Woohyun takes him away, Hoya just watches. And waits.


  • Tracking Focus | 3,177w pg | Hoya doesn't know what he's doing at a photography exhibition until he meets Myungsoo.

  • So The Thing Is | ~8,300w pg | Moving on doesn’t take time; it takes the right person. Myungsoo’s been stuck in a rut until his manager takes on the perfect project for him—a photoshoot starring the ultra handsome, ultra sexy football star, Lee Howon.

  • Double Negatives | ~1,150w g | Myungsoo's having a bad day. He's not alone in that, though.

  • The Answer | ~1,057w g | There are three types of customers at Starbucks:
    1) Kim Sunggyu, the main singer and leader of a popular band
    2) Kim Myungsoo, a super fanboy of said band
    3) Lee Howon, who hates said band


  • Call Me Maybe | 2,280w pg | Myungsoo really just needs this Dongwoo guy to stop calling him right before the end of his shift at the call centre. But (un)fortunately, Dongwoo's relentless.


  • Sorry But I Need To Have You | 4,563w pg | Jeongguk's never one to back down from a dare. But when said dare involves making out with Park Jimin, Jeongguk finds himself wanting it to be more than just that.

  • I'll Ignite For You | 4,308w pg | Jeongguk likes gazing at stars as much as he likes gazing at Jimin.

  • The Art of Roleplaying | 5,434w r | Jeongguk would much rather have the real Jimin. But he'll settle for living vicariously through his Jeongguk muses.

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