s☆ (eightninetwo) wrote,

here goes--

Yentas And Matchmakers Truth Serum Truth Spells And Truth Drugs One Meeeellion Dollars: Indecent Proposal Pretending To Be Married Voyeurism
Simply Irresistible: Sex God (Or Goddess) All Tied Up: Handcuffs Ropes And Restraints Secret Identity Magical Healing Cock Wingfic
Epistolatory Fic: Emails/Letters/Etc. Domestic Bliss FREE SPACE Secret Admirers Tentacles
Drunkenness & Inebriation Sleeping Arrangements The Way We Were: Pre-Canon Fic Movie Remix Trapped!
Jealousy Vulnerability Hooker AU Marriage (Arranged Accidental Or Otherwise) Vampires/Supernatural AU

This will be updated with links as I go along o/
Tags: trope bingo
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